NH Tree Pruning Service

Tree Pruning Services in Bedford,
Revitalize your trees & Protect Your Property

Pruning your trees can include everything from removing dead branches and re-shaping trees, to improving their health. Home and business owners in Amherst, Bedford, Milford and surrounding towns frequently call on the expertise of Healey Tree Works for careful and thoughtful tree pruning that leads to safer, more beautiful trees.

Pruning services from Healey Tree Works allow you to have a beautifully landscaped lawn with minimal effort.

  • Branch removal
  • Sectioning
  • Crown reduction
  • Thinning
  • Vista pruning
  • Tree replacement

Why Pruning Your Trees is Important

why choose Healey for Pruning Services


Pruning your trees can have many benefits, and it all starts with safety. Dead branches can fall at any time, and when they do, they can endanger you or your property. They can also cause power outages in your home and neighborhood.

Improve your view

Sometimes, the one thing standing between your home and a beautiful view can be a row of poorly placed trees. Healey Tree Works is very experienced when it comes to selective cutting geared towards improving your view.

Fruit production & disease

If you have a tree that should be producing fruit but it’s not - it could need pruning. Removing bad limbs promotes a more healthy tree. This is because dead, rotted wood gives insects and infection an entry-point into the tree, which can cause problems. In addition to this, if your tree does have a disease - many times, pruning the affected limbs can help treat it.


By scheduling selective pruning, you improve your tree’s health by giving it room to spread out and grow. You might also require pruning to reclaim clearance above a walkway or driveway from a tree with inconvenient limbs.

Make Owning Your Home or Business Worry Free:
Try a Maintenance Schedule

If your yard is filled with ornamental trees or you wish to maintain a clear view for the long-term, give our experts a call today to come up with a maintenance program for worry-free tree care.

Our certified professionals can work with you to come up with service plan around your busy schedule to include seasonal or yearly pruning as well as special services to get your home ready for the holiday season.

Keep your home warm all winter with seasoned firewood you can rely on. Call today for a FREE estimate on load costs.

Keep your home warm all winter with seasoned firewood you can rely on. Call today for a FREE estimate on load costs.